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Dry Ice Blasting Online is an information resource for the dry ice blasting industry.

Our goal is to provide a single source location to bring together all the services and supporting industries that relate to the dry ice blasting industry.

Manufacturers of equipment, contractors, ice vendors and related suppliers - on one site with profiles and links to educate and help companies, contractors and end users make informed decisions about this technology and its use in their respective industries.

Dry Ice Blasting - What is it?

Dry ice blasting or CO2 cleaning is the process by which compressed air is used to accelerate particles of dry ice through a nozzle for the purpose of cleaning or decontaminating various substrates.  This process uses the kinetic energy of the accelerated dry ice particles to lift off the contamination on the targeted substrate, in most cases without damaging the substrate being cleaned.  The dry ice sublimates (turns into a gas) on impact and the contaminant being cleaned falls to the floor thus there is no liquid or media to add to the waste stream.

Dry Ice Blasting - Environmentally Friendly?

Dry ice is truly a green technology.  Most commercially available dry ice comes from CO2 that is captured as it is released from various industrial processes.  Therefore the CO2 is recycled by processing it into dry ice - giving it a second useful life and has a net zero effect on the atmosphere.

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